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Doctor/Master's Program in TCSL


     The Ph.D./MA Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) at NCCU covers four domains, namely, Chinese, foreign languages, education, and international academic collaborations. Similar to the regular master’s and doctoral programs, the TCSL program awards a degree of Ph.D. or MA to a student who graduates from the program.

   A prestigious university in Taiwan, NCCU has established a comprehensive system of TCSL based on its ample academic resources. The established system falls into three categories:  
    The educational goal of the TCSL program is to train high-quality teachers, scholars, and leaders in the domain of Chinese learning. To achieve these goals, students are expected to acquire the necessary knowledge and to develop other relevant academic skills.

    An indispensable skill for TCSL teachers is the mastery of a second foreign language. NCCU’s College of Foreign Languages and its Foreign Language Center provide 24 foreign language studies – a forte not yet matched by any other academic institute in Taiwan. With this advantage, NCCU is able to provide dedicated TCSL teachers and excellent instruction to meet the needs of students with different language background.

 The purpose of the TCSL program is not only to work with the world and become the leader in the global teaching and research of the Chinese language but also to develop talents for our nation and actively seek opportunities of employment and further education for our graduates. These efforts will turn NCCU into an important base for the incubation of Taiwan’s TCSL teachers as well as an innovative center for relevant research.

  • 華語文教學學分學程
  • 華文學程圖書室
  • 華語文教學實習
  • 華文學程學術工作坊
  • 學習成效平台
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